Frequently Asked Questions


• Is there a minimum size home allowed?

Homes must be a minimum of 2,200 sqft (heated/cooled area), and no more than 30 feet high. All homes must also include at least a 2-car garage.  

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• What style of homes are permitted within Organ Mesa Ranch (OMR)?

Tuscan or Southwestern style (pueblo, mission or territorial) are permitted. Exterior colors should be earth/desert tones (i.e., brown, tan, beige, avocado, and dusty rose).   

• Is there a Home Owners Association (HOA)/yearly dues?

Though there is no HOA, covenants  are enforceable to protect property values.

• May I store my boat or trailer on my property

Trailers, boats, and/or RVs must be stored within a fully enclosed garage or motor court. 

• How long may someone visit me with their RV?

Guests may park and use their RV for up to 14 days in any 30-day period, while visiting a home owner. City ordinances do not apply within OMR.

• Are above ground Propane tanks permissible?

  Yes, if they are completely shielded from view on all four sides; otherwise they should be buried.